How to Use Your Body Brush

The Iris Hantverk body brush has long been a Calma favorite. We love it for its gentle effectiveness and versatility. It can be used two ways: on dry skin or with soap in the shower. Although we generally prefer to use it as a dry brush, it works wonderfully both ways!

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a practice that can be incredibly beneficial to your skin and overall system. While it can sometimes be toted as a miracle cure for things like cellulite and digestion, there is no scientific evidence backing that up. Its benefits are more aligned with gentle exfoliation and promoted blood circulation and lymph flow. It also just feels really good. 

The best time to dry brush is right before a shower, ideally in the morning since the brushing can stimulate your nervous system and make you feel energized. Start at your feet and work in long, fluid upward strokes. Work your way up your body, being mindful of the pressure on more sensitive areas like your abdomen and chest. Always avoid areas that are broken or inflamed—brushing them will only cause more unnecessary irritation. 

This can be practiced everyday, but I generally do it a few times a month. 

Bath Brush

Using your brush while bathing is a great alternative to a loofa or bath sponge. It's natural fiber bristles allow for a soft, comfortable lather when used with a good soap. To clean, simply rinse it off after use and dry it standing on the bristles to prevent excess moisture on the wood. 


If you have any questions on body brushing, please let us know. We're always happy to answer questions and chat about products!

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